7th & 8th Grade Pre-Confirmation Requirements

7th/8th Grade Pre-Confirmation Requirements:

  1.  Attend Wed. night sessions, retreats, and service as outlined on calendar in bold.
  2. Attend mass weekly, & on holy days of obligation.
  3. Complete the Saint Picture Board display to share in class: Due Feb 7th.  (Choose 1 influential person in the history of the church:  a saint, a pope, a leader, etc. and prepare a “Picture Board Display” about them.  Be prepared to share with the class what you learned and display it during the “Living Stations” on Feb 21.  Please be present and stand by your display that night.)
  4. Complete Service Projects – Fill out and turn in Service Project Sheets due Apr 11th.
  5. Attend 7th-8th Gr. Retreat – Wed. Dec. 6th

TEXT:  The Catholic Youth Bible NRSV Catholic Edition – St. Mary’s Press and the “Edge”, Lifeteen Ministries.


7th/8th Grade Home Assignment – Due Feb. 7th

After praying about and choosing a Saint to study:

  1. Look up information on this person regarding when they lived, died, and what they did.
  2. Find their picture and print, or color, or draw it.
  3. Find out what miracles are attributed to this saint.
  4. What are they known for, what specific gifts, talents or accomplishments have they done.
  5. Write about any unusual circumstances in their life.
  6. What influence did they have on the Church.
  7. Print and display all the information on a covered piece of cardboard that can stand upright.  Make sure the writing and pictures are big enough to be seen from 3 feet away.
  8. Include the information in separate little paragraphs, easy to read, along with other pictures to help tell the story.  Decorate as desired.
  9. Display on Feb. 21st before and after the “Living Stations” in the Gathering Space at church.  Come and stand by your display so other youth and adults may also see your work and learn from it, possibly asking you questions about it.


               Some ideas for Saints/Influential People:


The Apostles:  ___Peter   ___James  ___John  ___Andrew   ___Matthew   ___Thomas    ___Paul             

___ Mary the Mother of Jesus   ___ Joseph (Jesus’s father)    ___Mary Magdeline   ___St. Ambrose 

___St. Augustine  ___ St. Anne  (Mary’s Mother)    ___  St. Joachim (Mary’s Dad)   ___St. Benedict

___ St. Scholastica  ___St. Gregory the Great, Pope   ___ St. Jerome    ___ St. Francis   ___St. Clare

___ St. Agnes   ___St. Helena (Constantine’s mother)   ___ St. Anthony   ___ St. Patrick   

___Emperor Constantine    ___St. Perpetua    ___ St. Boniface ___ Charlemagne, Charles the Great    

___ Queen Margaret of Scotland   ___ St. Thomas Aquinas   ___St. George   ___ St. Dominic

___St. Catherine of Siena    ___ St Joan of Arc  ___ Thomas More   

___St. Ignatius Loyola   ___ St. Philip Neri   ___ St. Angela Merici  ___ Christina, Queen of Sweden

___ Pope Pius IX   ___ St. Paul Miki    ___St. Vincent de Paul   ___ Juan Diego  ___ St Rose of Lima

___John Carroll of Maryland    ___Bishop John Hughes   ___ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton  ___St. Therese

___Pope Leo XIII  ___ Pope Pius XII   ___Mother Teresa     ___  Pope John XXIII    ___Kateri Tekakwitha

___Pope Paul VI   ___Pope John Paul ll   ___Thomas Merton   ___ Jean Donovan    ___ Pope Benedict XVI

___Archbishop Romero   ___Sr. Thea Bowman    ___ Other __________________________