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August 16, 2016

Greetings.  I want to thank you for the kind attention that you each provided me this last Sunday as I shared with you the news about the collaborative effort that we share.  It was wonderful, not only to experience a warm and enthusiastic welcome at each of the masses, but also to hear of your questions and your concerns after the mass.  So many of you took a moment to stop and offer a kind word, a suggestion, a concern and it is something that the members of our Redemptorist Community appreciate.  Keep sharing, keep expressing your opinions, but most of all let us know how we are doing, how we are coming up short, and what you would like to see from us.  There is no such thing as a stupid question or a suggestion that is not valuable.  We want to hear anything and everything that you consider to be important and necessary.  This is a process that we share with each other.

Many of you are familiar with the Redemptorists   because you have established a relationship with our community at St. Alphonsus in Brooklyn Center over the years.  Still others have encountered our community in other parishes.  However for some of you this will be an entirely new experience.  It might be helpful to spend some time exploring the following web pages because they will provide you with an insight about our community.  A comprehensive explanation of our community, including a listing of all of the places that we minister in the Mid-West, the South, and the Western and South-Western United States may be found at www.redemptorists-denver.org.  For an insight into the primary ministry of the five members of the Redemptorist Community that will serve St. Williams parish the following website will be useful www.redemptoristsevangelization.org.  this website provides our pictures (so you can keep track of us) and also a short biographical summary that might help you know each of us a little bit better.

As I referenced in the homily on Sunday.  Each of us believe that we are embarking on a journey of faith together.  We understand that this journey is grace-filled and is in partial response to the prayer for a new pastor that has been prayed at St. Williams these last few months.  Our presence in the parish is only a partial answer to the prayer that has been prayed. 

We have been graced with the opportunity to spend these next few months prayerfully discerning the strengths and the challenges of our parish community.  We do not come to St. Williams as experts.  We rather join your community for this period of discernment in service to you so that together we can discover God’s will for the community and for each one of us.  There is no guarantee of any result or outcome other than the guarantee that the grace that has brought us to this point in the journey will enable us to continue forward.  That is the way of the Kingdom of God.  That is the way of Christian community.  That is the way of each person who walks by faith, which is each and everyone of us.

In the Redeeming Christ,

Father Tom Santa, C.Ss.R.

Director, Redemptorist Evangelization Team