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The Archdiocese learned today (4/19/16) that the Edina Police Department is close to completing its investigation involving Father Tim Dolan.  However, a decision whether charges will be filed – or not filed – has not yet been made.

The Archdiocese only begins its internal investigation and review process after law enforcementcompletes its work and authorizes us to begin.  Therefore, Father Dolan remains on a leave of absence.  His leave will continue until the Archdiocesan process is completed.  

It may be tempting to listen to rumors and speculation about what may or may not have happened, but we urge all people of good will to refrain from that.  We also urge all to continue being patient and prayerful and to reserve any judgement until this important, ongoing process is completed.      

Please continue to pray for all involved in this situation and, as always, please pray for those who have suffered abuse at any time. And be assured of Archbishop Hebda's and our prayers for St. William's throughout this Easter Season.

Archdiocesan Parish Services/Communications and Fr. Whalen


Prayer for the Community of Saint WilliamPicture1

All Loving God, we pray as a  parish community to recognize Your love for us as we continue to grow together moving forward to be witnesses  to the power and truth of the Gospel.

Compassionate Christ, renew within us a heart for service, assured of Your constant care we place our trust and hope in Your mercy as we walk together in faith.

Holy Spirit of all that is good, we offer You our openness and ask for Your guidance as we,   the Church Community of Saint William stand together with  courage and in grace.

We ask this through Christ our Lord…Amen