First Reconciliation

Preparation For the Sacrament of

1st Reconciliation

Parishioners 2nd Grade and Older

  1. Parent and child participation in Faith Formation sessions at the parish and           completing the work at home.
  2.  Attend retreat with parent or Godparent.  (Sat., Jan. 27th, 2018 – 9-12 noon.)
  3.  Attend mass weekly.
  4. Complete 5 hours of service.  (Bring in form to church on Jan. 27th.)
  5. Possible service hours could include the *Dec. and April Family Service Projects, Children’s Choir, Children’s Christmas Program, Altar serving, *Families Moving Forward, *Donut Ministry, *Greeting at church, etc.   (*participation with an adult necessary.
  6.  Attend First Reconciliation Celebration with parent and Godparent (if able).

(Saturday, Feb. 24th, 2018 – 10-11:30 a.m.)

Reconciliation Service Project Form – 5 Hours – Due Jan. 27th    

 (Please return to Cindy Mauch-Morff or the church office.  Thank you!!)

Name _______________________________________________              Date _______________

Date, Place of Service, who you helped, and what you did:                                    How many hours:

___________________________________________________                                 ____________

___________________________________________________                               ____________

___________________________________________________                               ____________

___________________________________________________                               ____________

___________________________________________________                               ____________

Parent Signature  ____________________________   Student signature ___________________