The Church of St. William supports the family of the deceased throughout the funeral planning process. Contact the Parish Office at 763-571-5600 if you experience the loss of a loved one. We will help you schedule the funeral day as well as a time to gather with the family to plan the funeral rites. For more information about the funeral planning process, please reference our Parish Guide to Planning when Death Occurs.

Planning the Service

Please complete the Funeral Planning Worksheet to indicate your selections of readings and music for the service.

Suggested Funeral Readings and Music Selections

Old Testament

New Testament


Music Selections

Funeral Luncheon [Contact Jane for current updates regarding funeral lunch options]

If you want to have a meal or refreshments, we invite you to use Keefe Hall free of charge. We will assist with the arrangements. Our funeral hospitality ministers will be on site to set up, serve and clean up so that you can focus on spending time with your loved ones. 

Suggested Caterers for Luncheons

For help planning your funeral hospitality, please contact Jane at 763-571-6292.

For grief support, please see the information on the Growing Through Loss program.