Mission Trips

Catholic Heart Work Camp

If you are interested in going on the Mission Trip in Summer 2021, please notify Cindy Mauch-Morff.

Catholic Heart Work Camp, Twin Cities, MN
July 18-24, 2021
Cost: $595

While in the Twin Cities, you may expect to work at the homes of elderly, disadvantaged or disabled residents on revitalization, home beautification, and repair / rehab projects; or you may spend time painting (interior and/or exterior), or assisting with landscaping projects. We also work in food shelves, pack food at food banks, help out in shelters and work in low-income childcare centers along with boys and girls clubs. Each resident or agency we serve presents a unique situation. We welcome you to arrive with an open and willing attitude eager to serve wherever the Spirit leads.

Fundraisers are offered throughout the year to help offset the cost of attendance.