1st - 5th Grade Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation [1st - 5th Grades]

Are you ready for some fun and interactive learning that surprises even the catechists and parents who teach?

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First, Third, Fourth and Fifth grade families will be using The Great Adventure series by Ascension Press for whole family learning together the Bible.  The stories will connect withthe same timeline as the 6-8th grade curriculum, so together as a family you can learn about the heroes and villains, the great men and women of faith, as a family!  The goal is to streamline what you as a parent teach, inorder to bring the whole family together on the same topics.

The Great Adventure Kids collection was chosen also to streamline the number of classes and volunteers needed for in-parish learning.  It is also perfect for homeschool/neighborhood groups if you would choose to do that.  Because it's designed for hte way kids learn, there are helpful games, easy to read charts, memory beads, crafts and more to help reinforce learning from the Bible. 

Parents meet at the same time as the 1-8th graders in order to watch a video and have their own adult discussion group.